Find your true power — Your antidote to ragging

Using our God-given talents and abilities to build up others in the truest sense constitutes authentic power.

Collaborating for Success

Collaboration is a highly sought-after skill. We have begun to realize how inter-dependent we are and that we achieve greater success if we collaborate.

What time is it?

It is human nature to second guess, procrastinate, postpone, reschedule and yet again, adjourn. It just seems like it’s never the right time, doesn’t it?

Black is black

My take is that destroying natural India is black as black can be. No amount of spin can tinge such vandalism with a lighter shade of grey.
In an exclusive chat with TTT, Papon reveals his tryst with music, his collaborations and his work in Bollywood.
Make positive thinking your super power
Not only are you able to see reality in a positive light but you are also able to imbue a positive glow on the negatives as well.
Obsession with Size Zero
This trend started when Kareena Kapoor, the goddess of size zero, dropped oodles of weight for her look in the much maligned film Tashan.
Teen photographers show off their photography skills in the Photo Pik column of the July 2016 issue.

Gives teens the chance to display their talents

TTT is the only magazine that gives teenagers the chance to display their talents. I especially love Poets & Poetry, Reader’s Blog and Soul Strings.


Always there for me

I’ve been a fan of TTT ever since my school days. It has always been there for me, helping and guiding me along the way.


So informative and inspiring

TTT’s pages are so informative and inspiring. Every article is worth reading. I receive the magazine from my school and eagerly wait for it every month.


Just amazing!

I love reading Poets & Poetry and especially Funny Bone. TTT is just amazing!


The best mag a teen can subscribe to

TTT is the best mag a teen can subscribe to. I love Music, Ask Dr Grugni and Fashionista. Teens can relate to every column in the mag. I just love it!


It inspires teens of our age

I have become a great fan of TTT. I love this mag, especially the way it inspires teens of our age. Thanks to all you guys for bringing out this fabulous mag.


The perfect solution for teenage problems

I love reading TTT; it’s the perfect solution for teenage problems. I like all the columns, especially Soul Strings and Fashionista.


The website is super-cool!

I really like to read this mag and the website is super-cool too. TTT is the best mag for teens ever!


TTT has boosted me up

I was utmost dumbstruck when my junior informed me that she saw one of my photographs published in your magazine. Thank you so much for publishing it. TTT has boosted me up to continue clicking more.

Arishmita Aditya
Silchar, Assam

It’s a pleasure reading TTT

I am just in love with TTT! It’s a pleasure reading it. The last month’s edition was great! I love the way TTT inspires us all. The best part is Music and Reader’s Blog. The Features are amazing. It is a master guide for me. I love it!

Tanisha Bhatia