Sunita Bhuyan: The Joy of Music, The Joy of Giving

Sunita is an indo-fusion violinist and vocalist par excellence. She has contributed to building bonds between India and the world through music. Whether it is London, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Glasgow, Dubai, she has been sharing how music can be a powerful change agent.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

In the world of technology, the applications of artificial intelligence are only growing, giving rise to hopes for a connected future. AI could mean higher productivity and efficiency, better applications in planning, production, security and development, leading to an overall better quality of life. Perhaps, even world peace?

The New Year is here!

Resolutions made on specific days become fashionable — everyone makes resolutions at the New Year so why shouldn’t I? There is enthusiasm and zest while making resolutions, but is it the same when it comes to keeping them?

The rise and rise of Andy Murray

Andy Murray may not have the class of Roger Federer, the muscles of Rafael Nadal or the pace of Djokovic, but he’s a consistent hard worker, and that shows.

Is a vegetarian diet good for teens?

A vegetarian diet should be well planned under the guidance of parents and a dietitian to make sure it does good to overall health without affecting your energy level.
Sharvi Yadav
The Stage Season 2 saw 21-year-old Sharvi Yadav compete against the best to win the coveted title, taking home a Renault Kwid and a record deal.
Future Proof Your Career
How can your personal ease of adapting to change impact your career? The metamorphosis of one thing in the world has a domino effect on every life and every career.
Pallavi Singh: Hindi teacher with a difference
From Bollywood dancers and models to students, diplomats and foreigners married to Indians, Pallavi teaches them Hindi as a foreign language.
The Era of Vogue Men!
In India, men’s fashion is not a big thing, mainly because most guys aren’t picky when it comes to clothes. It’s time to open up to the world of fashion and experiment a bit.

The articles are fabulous!

TTT is a wonderful magazine which helps me in developing my personality, shows me the right path and entertains me. The articles in it are fabulous!


All the things teens want in a mag

TTT is so awesome! There are no words to express what I feel about this mag. It has all the things a teen wants in a mag. I always eagerly wait for the next issue.


Just what I needed

The information I requested on the scope of Biochemistry from the career counsellor Dr Vibha Gupta was published in the Career Talk column of the September 2016 issue. It was just what I needed. Thanks a lot, TTT!

Prem Suresh

Inspiring teenagers towards a better life

I would like to thank the Team@TTT for spreading smiles across the nation and inspiring teenagers towards a better life. I have personally gained a lot in mental and physical health. TTT has a healing touch every time I read it. And congratulations for the new column introduced — Candid Moments From Teens. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Pahul Sond (18)

TTT has the best of features

TTT is an amazing mag. It has the best of features like entertainment, Soul Strings, Photo Pik, etc. Well, the Sports column is my favourite. I am a big football fan and I am a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Sunil Chettri. Please feature them in upcoming issues. TTT is a spectacular mag for teens.

Shambhavi Singh

It’s the best magazine on earth!

I am totally in love with this magazine! It’s the best magazine on earth! Every single article is awesome. Please feature Shawn Mendes in the Music column.


Thanks for the opportunity to express my ideas

I couldn’t wait for the December 2016 issue in which my article appeared in Reader’s Blog! Thank you for the opportunity to express my ideas and make my message heard among so many teens across India.

Jill Shah
Navi Mumbai

TTT is so full of positivity

The Soul Strings page in the November 2016 issue was so beautiful. The Sports article on Deepa Malik was really worth reading. The cover story was a helpful article. And Funny Bone was hilarious as always! TTT is so full of positivity. An optimistic nature is developed by reading it.

Mukhlisa Tasreen

Not a magazine for ‘teens’ alone

I am 68 years old and I love reading THE TEENAGER TODAY, because I think it is not a magazine for ‘teens’ alone but for the old as well. When I read this magazine I feel as energetic and enthusiastic as teens and I consider myself 18 years old with an experience of 50 years! Thank you very much for publishing such a nice magazine.

Vinod Kumar Khanna