Gearing up for the new academic year

A new academic year carries the dawn of new beginnings. It gives you another chance to evaluate yourself, and brings with it another opening to start anew.

Ananya Birla

At 22, Ananya Birla is intelligent, passionate, with a sharp entrepreneurial mind, and forging her way into a music career. She shares her life story and dreams in this exclusive interview.

Mithali Raj: India's Lady Tendulkar

With a teenage appearance on the international scene, a batting average of over 50 in Tests as well as ODIs and an international career extending as long as 18 years, Mithali Raj has been rightly termed as the ‘Tendulkar of Women’s Cricket’.

Do people say you’re mean? And are they right?

Chances are that we have had several situations in which we thought about ourselves first, and not the other. And we did not really reason or reflect much before we said something about someone.

Make your voice heard!

If you love acting and have a unique voice, then this might be the right career for you!
Studying abroad: Let's Talk Money!
Considering the costs of studying abroad can vary from Rs 15-40 lakhs a year, it is possible with judicious planning to make international education viable on varying budgets without compromising on quality.
Time To Bag It!
Can you go a day without a bag? Something that holds everything you’ll need throughout the day? Forget your bag at home for a day and it’ll be the most difficult day of your life.
Stress-busting foods in teenagers
Stress in teens not only leaves them depressed, but unknowingly affects their day-to-day activities. Loading up on these nutrients can lower stress levels.
The house of the superstar
Every day, as I pass the houses of Bollywood superstars in the suburbs of Mumbai, I see vast crowds of tourists waiting to have a glimpse of them. They cheer. They cry. They click photographs. They return home, nourished. Are these tourists or pilgrims?

Dr Vibha Gupta always has great advice on careers

I like the columns Career Talk and Careers. Dr Vibha Gupta always has great advice for us on choice of careers and education. I get the magazine from my school, but during the vacations I don’t, so I can’t wait for school to re-open!


The best companion all through my teenage years

TTT has been the best companion all through my teenage years. It has made the journey magical. A big thank you to TTT for all your help.


I never leave a single page of this magazine unread

I read TTT regularly at my school library. I never leave a single page of this magazine unread. It’s inspiring, motivating, informative and fun. Fashionista, Poets & Poetry and Ask Dr Grugni are a few of my favourite columns. I wish TTT was a weekly magazine.


My parents gifted TTT to me on my birthday

My parents gifted TTT to me on my birthday and I must say that the magazine has proved to be fun and interesting. I love to read Teen Point of View which gives us youth the chance to speak our minds.


It’s awesome reading the mag

I wish I had subscribed to TTT before. It’s awesome reading the mag. I find all the solutions to my questions in this magazine. Poets & Poetry is my favourite column as I love writing poems.

Navi Mumbai

I love Fashionista and Poets & Poetry

I have been subscribing to TTT for the past two years and I wait patiently for it every month. I’m addicted to it. I love Fashionista and Poets & Poetry.


Soul Strings is really inspirational

Soul Strings is really inspirational. I like reading Teen Space by Dr Shefali Batra and Reader’s Blog. All the columns in the mag are informative and enjoyable.


I love collecting posters of my favourite music stars

My favourite column is Music. I love collecting the posters of my favourite music stars for my room.

Vasco, Goa

Helps me in all my problems

TTT is the best mag I have ever read. It helps me in all my problems. It is not just a magazine but my best friend. I love it!


Just waiting for the next issue!

TTT is my BFF! My favourite columns are Poets & Poetry, Fashionista, Reader’s Blog and Funny Bone. Just waiting for the next issue; I get crazily excited when I receive my favourite mag!


The best companion for teenagers

I have been reading TTT for the past two years and I think it’s the best companion for teenagers as it contains all the stuff that a teenager would love to read. Its features and columns encourage and motivate me.


TTT is fab and super-cool!

TTT is fab and super-cool! It has everything teens need. I love Soul Strings and Funny Bone. They are the first columns I read whenever TTT arrives.