Cracking the exam code

Sanchari Banerjee reveals some tips to help you score well in your exams without having to sip multiple cups of coffee and stay awake all night!

Albert D'Souza: Being at your best... Creating an impact... Leaving a legacy

Albert D’Souza — visionary, philanthropist and renowned industrialist. He is testimony to the fact that so much is possible in one’s lifetime. There is so much of impact that we are capable of creating!

“As a soloist it has been a learning experience for me”

He is regarded as a pioneer of the dub step genre in India. Whether it’s a club or stadium in the country or abroad, Nucleya’s fans follow him everywhere.

What A Wonderful World!

What a complex, delightful, surprisingly magical world we are blessed to be a part of. How lucky we are to be sharing space with gazillions of flying ornaments, such as this Blue-tailed Bee-eater Merops philippinus.

Ageless Wonders

While both sets of fans had their arguments of which of the two was the greatest, with Roger obviously having won more Grand Slam titles, Federer and Nadal's dominance of the tennis world was never in doubt.
Classical Twist
This event was special, as one of the most popular musicians of Indian Classical Music (ICM) was partnering with fresh as well as experienced talent.
Why Bother With Icons?
Our icons have been reduced to ‘property’. Possessing them is more important than appreciating them. That is tragic.
The Bone of Envy
You revealed a smile on your face yes; but was there a small, tiny, minuscule shadow of a monster within you that felt a tiny but nagging pang of envy?
It's Wardrobe Detox Month!
With spring around the corner it’s time to clean out your wardrobe. Your body is not the only thing that needs a detox; your wardrobe needs one too.

TTT helps me deal with problems

TTT helps me deal with the problems that teens of my age face. I love Ask Dr Grugni, Funny Bone and Sports.

Sarita Fernandes

TTT is a must in a teenager’s life

TTT is a must in a teenager’s life. I learned about the magazine from my school library. Thank you very much for giving us this magazine as it deals with all the issues in a teenager’s life.

Garima Singh (13)

I love Music and Bob’s Banter

I’ve been reading this mag for the last four years and it’s just awesome. I love Music and Bob’s Banter. I can’t wait for the next issue!

Sarah (16)

Most amazing mag ever!

TTT is the most amazing mag ever! I never miss a single issue. I love Poets & Poetry and Teen Space.

Marian (16)

I first discovered TTT in my school library

I first discovered TTT in my school library and I love it. Once I start reading the mag I don’t feel like stopping!

Smita (14)

TTT is such an inspirational mag

TTT is such an inspirational mag. I like Poets & Poetry, Teen Space and Bob’s Banter so much.

Sushmita (17)

I love the whole magazine!

I love the whole magazine especially Ask Dr Grugni. Whenever the latest issue reaches the bookstall I’m the first to pick it up.

Jimmy (16)

I prefer reading TTT during library period in school

I prefer reading TTT during library period in our school while my fellow students and friends read something else. I always read TTT. Simply an amazing magazine!

Viren (14)

It is an inspiration

This is the best mag I have read and subscribed to… really awesome! It is an inspiration. Fashionista, Photo Pik and Poets & Poetry are wonderful.

Sandeep (17)

I always wait for the next issue

I don’t have the words to describe how fab this mag is. I always wait for the next issue. I am such a fan of it. The columns I like most are Funny Bone and Mind Games.

Siddharth (15)

Just an awesome mag for teenagers

I’m in love with TTT. It’s just an awesome mag for teenagers. The columns I like the most are Ask Dr Grugni, Soul Strings and Teen Point of View.

Amandeep Shah (17)

Love you TTT!

Three things which change my mood — music, the Kapil Sharma Show and TTT! Love you TTT!

Mukhlisa Tasreen