Plan your future: Act now!

The “actions” you take today will form your future tomorrow. You can be the master at directing the series of events in your life to occur in your favour.

Getting the word out: A career in Public Relations

Public relations (PR) executives are communications professionals. They help companies develop and maintain a good image.

Criticism: Offer it constructively

Used meaningfully, criticism is an effective stimulus to generate personal growth and support improvement in performance. Nonetheless a tool is not effective unless used properly.

Layer like a pro!

Just adding a normal shrug can make your outfit look so amazing. And not just that, layering also saves you from wardrobe malfunctions. But why just layer for the sake of it? Why not just make layers stylish?
With scintillating live gigs at major festivals and soulful performances at underground parties, Madboy/Mink presents an unpretentious love of music.
Kurkure or Lays? / I shaved my eyebrows / That itch in my ear...
Introducing a brand new column in TTT! Humorous, embarrassing and inspiring experiences from teen readers.
Bengaluru FC’s triumphant tale
You know a team is bound for greatness when they win the league title in their debut season. Or even better, win 2 titles in 3 seasons. That's Bengaluru FC for you.
Christmas is coming!
Christmas gets a touch of uniqueness across the world, each tradition more wacky than the other. Celebrate this season with an appreciation for all those souls who add glitz to an evergreen festival.

The best part of TTT is the Music column!

TTT is indeed the best mag that I’ve ever read. It gives me self-motivation. The best part of it is the Music column and I would be pleased if you guys feature Zayn Malik as he’s my favourite singer. Though you have already featured One Direction, now Zayn is no more in the band. So please feature him in the music column; I would love that!


Soul Strings inspires me

TTT is the first magazine I ever read and I really love it. Soul Strings inspires me, the poems in Poets & Poetry make me feel so good, and there are many other great columns in it. It’s the best magazine for teenagers. I recommend that every teenager read this mag. TTT is my inspiration.

Juhainah Miraj Nasir

TTT teaches me a lot

I have learned many useful things from this amazing fabulous magazine. It teaches me a lot for which I am really thankful. I am a big fan of Selena Gomez and I request you to put her on the cover.

Insiya Murtaza

TTT has provided teens with a wider view of the world

THE TEENAGER TODAY has helped me in everyday life to guide my children. The articles are generally short, which allows a child to finish reading a feature article without losing interest due to a short attention span. All articles and information are good conversation starters for teens and their parents. TTT is a very valuable asset for many people, but in particular to children. The skills that students utilize and strengthen when reading magazines can be applied to higher level reading and other academic subjects. I would only say that TTT has provided teens with a wider view of the world. Great going TTT!

Vinod C. Dixit

I am eagerly waiting to see the new column!

Thank you so much, TTT, for granting my request to introduce a column sharing our humorous, embarrassing and inspiring experiences in our favourite magazine! I am eagerly waiting to see this new thrill of excitement. I hope this column receives a huge response. Talking about the October 2016 issue, it was yet another excited episode presented. Being from the North East, it was a proud moment to see the Tetseo Sisters on the cover page. I hope to see more North East talents in the upcoming issues.

Muquaddisa Sabreen