Re-living Gandhian Philosophy and Teachings

How did this modest man with seemingly ordinary abilities portray extraordinary virtues and have millions as followers to his ideologies and philosophies? Perhaps there is something in them that the present generation can learn from even today.

Music of the Hills: Tetseo Sisters

In a state with a reputation for being highly musical, Tetseo Sisters are one of just a handful of professional bands that perform traditional Naga music.

Sunil Chhetri: Little Talisman

The poster boy of Indian football, Sunil Chhetri, has scored more goals in official FIFA matches than twice the goals of the rest of the squad.

Get the Indo-Western look this Diwali!

With Diwali right around the corner it’s time to shop for your perfect Diwali outfit. But why wear the same old ethnic outfits when you can do so much more?
Preparing leaders for tomorrow's India
Our nation needs leaders, leaders unique in their own way, having the courage to stand by commitments, critical thinkers and visionaries.
Careers in Financial Management
Finance and accounting are central to corporate activities. Finance executives are the cash architects of a company’s strategic plans for the future.
Simple steps to a healthy lifestyle
Leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy body and mind. There's no secret recipe for getting fit; a few changes in your daily habits will do wonders.
The Last Flight
In a country where conservation concerns are more reactive than proactive, those that fly high, slip under the radar.

Best magazine for any teen

This magazine is my favourite. I love TTT! It is the best magazine for any teen.

Uma Srivastava

No other magazine is as good as TTT

No other magazine is as good as TTT is. I love TTT very much, it is the best magazine. Every column in this magazine is nice but I love Photo Pik and Funny Bone very much.

Sarthak Mundane

TTT helps us to develop our character

TTT helps us to develop our character. It is one of the best magazines for students to develop their skills.

Venkat Vicky

A big store of knowledge

TTT is the most awesome mag ever and the most amazing mag I’ve ever read. It’s played a major part in helping me build my character. It’s a big store of knowledge.

Maria Bakshi

This magazine is like ‘wow’!

You know what? I hate reading but this magazine is like ‘wow’! I can’t take my eyes off it and I can’t even stop reading it!

Aarya Chaurasia

It’s totally awesome!

I just love THE TEENAGER TODAY. It’s totally awesome! Please feature news about Korean actors and singers in your upcoming issues.


I love Music and Fashionista

TTT is the best mag for a teen to read. I love Music and Fashionista. Every teen can somehow relate to every column in this mag.


Awesome to see Papon!

I received the August 2016 issue of TTT and it was awesome to see Papon featured. I have a suggestion and if you accept it, it would be my pleasure. I would like you to introduce a column that would allow teenagers to relate their funny and embarrassing moments. It would add one more entertaining column to your outstanding magazine. I really like reading TTT and always think of having more and more fun from it.

Muquaddisa Sabreen