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Success in high school doesn’t always result in success in college. College may be just another learning environment in your view, but there are considerable differences. Here’s how to succeed in college in four simple words: Have good, consistent habits. Sounds pretty simple, right? Maybe a little too simple? After all, what defines “good”? Many people achieve college success by paying attention to what works for other students. Yet, that’s not always a guaranteed method. Some students do well in spite of their bad habits, which can make it hard to sort out what will actually work for you. Thankfully, plenty of time-tested advice exists to help you out.

Whether you’re starting college right after high school or pursuing a degree, these tips will help you.

1. Attend class regularly.

You may not have studied in high school, but you will need to in college. Being a successful student only happens by being present. Missing classes can mean missing out on important information and good opportunities for improving your understanding of the material being taught. Your class attendance also has a big impact on the impression you leave on your professors. Even in large classes, they notice. They will be much more willing to give you support when you need it if you demonstrate your commitment by showing up consistently. Also, professors emphasize the most important information in class. You also might catch a break on your grade if your attendance has been excellent. Ensure that you’re participating, too. Asking one intelligent question per day will ensure that you’re making a good impression on the professor.

2. Make friends and get involved.

You have a new life now with new people. Get involved in campus life so you feel at home. A few activities and friends will make you feel more at home. Increased comfort will make it easier to concentrate on your studies.

3. Ask for help before you’re in trouble.

All professors and teaching assistants have office hours. Make good use of them. Larger universities also have tutoring available, often for free. The sooner you ask for help, the less help you’ll need. You’ll also minimize your stress.

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