Now he doesn’t even talk to me

I am a 14-year-old girl. I know a boy for about 5 years. We were good friends and I care for him a lot. This year he totally changed. He started getting desperate to find a girlfriend. I made him understand many times that there’s no need for a girlfriend at this age. But in desperation he made wrong decisions, like hanging out with bad girls. This made his image worse. I tried to make him realize this but he got angry. Now he doesn’t even talk to me. He was my very good friend and I don’t want to lose him. What should I do to make him realize that he’s doing things the wrong way?

Dear Dhvani, the boy who was your good friend for the last 5 years “started getting desperate to find a girlfriend”. It is common at this age to start approaching the opposite sex because of attraction and desire for experience.  “Many times” you wanted to help him to avoid “wrong decisions” but he got angry’ and doesn’t even talk to you. You have the good intention of helping him but should not pretend to impose on him your point of view. He got fed up of your continuous interference in his relationships and wants his freedom to take decisions. Let his parents guide him and correct him if he makes mistakes; you just be a friend, ready to help only if and when asked to do so and give him good example.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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