About us

THE TEENAGER TODAY is India’s first and only magazine published in India for teens. It was founded in Allahabad in 1963. Since then it has been a friend to thousands of Indian teens, supporting them through their growing pains, sharing laughs and being there through their joys and sorrows. It is their premier resource for all kinds of information, practical advice and basic answers to all of their questions.

THE TEENAGER TODAY is the only magazine in India that focuses on teen issues. With its value-based, youth-relevant content, it has a strong presence in English-medium schools and colleges, reaching pre-teens and teens across India every month.

THE TEENAGER TODAY contains 52-pages of cool information, practical advice and loads of fun stuff! It features articles on teen issues, career talk, counselling, celeb interviews, fashion, music, sports, blogs, science & technology, and short stories. Plus art, photos, contests, jokes, games, poems, posters and more.

With a readership base of 2,00,000, THE TEENAGER TODAY is the most widely-read Indian teen publication — not only do we cater to the urban teen, but our reach across small towns and cities is unparalleled — truly India’s only teenzine.