Achieving and setting goals

Walking up an arrow ladder to your goal.SHIVANI MANCHANDA

All of us have the capacity to dream big and we all want to reach for the stars. But as we journey in life some goals prove elusive. Then instead of raising our commitment to achieve these goals or set parallel goals we adjust our aspiration and settle for something less. This constant compromise with our dreams leads us towards mediocrity and strengthens the hold of average amongst us. But commitment to our goals can alter our career trajectory and give us the impetus to transform our lives.

SMART goals: Instead of just a broad goal of increase in academic performance or topping the semester you could actually make it more specific by thinking that you want to improve your Physics marks by 10 per cent in the midterm exams. Thus the goal becomes Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time-oriented and hence more achievable. As Diana Scharf Hunt says, “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

Breaking the goal down: Breaking a goal down further such that you have a daily and/or a weekly plan is one of the tools to ensure success. Thus, if reading five chapters for midterm exams is the goal then studying/revising a chapter a week can keep your pulse and stress in control.

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Shivani Manchanda
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Shivani Manchanda

Shivani Manchanda, a post-graduate in Counselling from the USA, is a warm and vibrant counsellor. Her expertise lies in counselling students on career development, stress prevention and international education. She is an enthusiastic speaker with over two decades of experience.