After all, it’s life

The sun shines
My heart smiles
Another fresh day
On a spring day
In this calm environment
I am reminded how the year went.

It was a challenging year
Which helped me in fighting my fear.
I knew it could never last
I had to fight for it to be the past
Finally, I had victory
But it was never easy.

Discovering the issue at first
I stood there aghast
My mind full of questions about the future.
Butterflies in my stomach with feelings of mixture
When my senses were back to normal
I realized I had no other go than to face this trouble.

I decided to fight it out
But there was a bone of doubt.
Can I do this, it asked me.
Alarming I fell on my knee.
The blood gushed in to motivate
Believe in you, there’s no time to wait.

Like a fierce warrior, I stood up to battle
Being courageous and strong was vital
Equipped with all the experience stored
Mysticism was my only sword
I was geared up to make it vanish
Hope I succeed is all that I wished.

I stepped in, to oppose my fate
I realized it was a checkmate
But still, I was persistent
Ignoring my bruises were important
Finally, my fate gave up
I celebrated with a lollipop.

Looking now at the scars,
I feel it was worth the stars
I was carved into a better soul
The situation played a very big role
Anything unpleasant arises, I know I’ll never quit
On the whole, every single damage was worth it.

For every beautiful soul out there,
Yes, I know life isn’t fair
Be persistent and stay strong
Your pain can never last long
Change is eternal
Keep your smile immortal.