Beauty is not the million shades of those bright or dark colours. Beauty is not black or white. Beauty is grey. A grey that does not know what white or black or colours are. A grey that neither stands out like those neon signs on dull buildings nor invisible like a chameleon. The beauty about grey lies in its existence. Just like the beauty about people lies in theirs.

The Oxford Dictionary defines beauty in nine words: the quality of being very pleasing to the senses. But beauty is this world, it’s this universe, it’s you and me, it’s everything that surrounds us. So how can something so huge, so important be defined in those nine words? Beauty cannot be defined. The way a person perceives beauty is different from others. Maybe that’s why love is something unique, something rare to find because when one finds love, he has not only found beauty in another person but in himself too.

Beauty is not the cover of a fashion magazine. It is not a face. It is not high cheekbones, thick lips and soft skin. It is the eyes that help us see the soul. It is the touch that comforts us. It is realizing that home is not a place. Beauty is confusion. Beauty is not only straight lines but circles too. It’s thinking and being out of the box.

“It’s a sky full of stars. It is knowing that no one is ever alone, that the moon will always follow you and protect you. It is hope.”

Beauty is the person that makes us feel like music does or music that makes us feel like nobody does. Beauty is the fact that there are millions of possibilities. It’s making new colours out of the ones that already exist. It’s invention. It’s imagination. It’s finally completing a thousand-piece puzzle. It is the face of a father when he sees his daughter after a tiring day and even though he does not have the energy to move a muscle, he smiles. It’s the happiness of giving something. It’s a sky full of stars. It is knowing that no one is ever alone, that the moon will always follow you and protect you. It is hope. It is a single ray of sunlight in a dark room. It is knowing that every cloud has a silver lining. It’s equality, at the end of the day we’re all under the same sky. It is being able to cause a ripple in this world.

Beauty is doing the impossible. It’s rebellion. It’s art. It’s love. It’s an idea. It’s a feeling. The best thing and the worst thing about beauty is that it can be anything that you want it to be. But one thing is for sure; when one understands beauty they discover fire for the second time.