Begin well

Well begun is half done.” Hello friends, I am sure, it is with great zeal, happiness and new resolutions that you have welcomed the New Year 2017. Remember the saying, if you begin the New Year with a positive and determined note to accomplish your dreams and desires then victory and happiness will be yours for certain. The bad times and the disasters you encountered in 2016 are your stepping stones and guiding lessons to success. No one can go back in time and make a fresh start, but anyone can initiate a new beginning and the time is NOW. It is common that everyone takes credit for an achievement while failure is disowned and excused. Those who take responsibility for failures and amend them will have a greater chance for progress and contentment. The past is your lesson, the present is your gift and the future is your motivation. Some people, as they begin a new year, say that this is a new chapter in their life or a new book of their life. Whatever you might call it, those who strain forward with commitment and persistence will fulfil their ambitions. New Year resolutions become meaningful only when you remain resolute to achieve them.

Each New Year is a new beginning with several opportunities. Last year is gone, never to return. Look to the future and live your life with positive thinking, self-confidence and passion to accomplish your vision. There are three important C’s in life — Chances, Choices and Changes. Life is about marching forward taking every Chance, making constant Choices and accepting Changes looking forward to what will make you stronger and more complete. Every choice you make with every chance for a change and growth defines you in some way.

India’s history of struggle for freedom shows illustrious models of leaders who made a choice for sacrifice and daring action with strong will-power to accomplish the ostensibly unachievable freedom. Mahatma Gandhi and other great leaders stirred the spirit of distressed and discouraged Indian masses to fight against the ruthless British rule and wrested freedom from their reluctant regime. A goal in life, whether hard or easy, is never accomplished without hard work, commitment, sacrifice and persistence. Problems and obstacles are part of human life. Hence the way you respond to the obstacles you face in life will determine the measure of your success.

Begin to shape your future now and make your today’s dreams tomorrow’s reality. The failures and the unhappy times that challenged you in 2016 can guide and lead you to success and happiness in 2017. Hence stride forward with positive mindset and diligence and you will do well with your efforts guided by your parents, teachers, and God above all.

John Gilbert, SSP
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John Gilbert, SSP

John Gilbert, SSP is the former Chief Editor of The Teenager Today, India's only TeenZine.