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Success in life could be defined as a steady growth of happiness through the progressive realization of constructive and significant goals. Success in life is not just making money. Success should be understood in an integral sense and one’s approach to it should be more holistic. It is the abundant flow of all positive things and energies in life.

Success is an adventurous journey, not a secure destination. It is a challenging voyage, not a safe harbour. Material blessings make the voyage secure, comfortable and enjoyable. But there are other more important dimensions to success. It also includes sound health, unflagging energy, zeal and enthusiasm for life, meaningful and fulfilling relationships, creativity, the blossoming of one’s talents, abilities and aptitudes, emotional stability, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind and soul.

The meaning of success can be elaborated in the following manner:
S: Sense of satisfaction
U: Understanding
C: Confidence
C: Contribution
E: Effort
S: Self-worth
S: Serenity

Success is finding your unique vocation which enables you to leave a legacy of fruitful service to the world around you through the resolute cultivation of all the faculties God has endowed you with. We are born to succeed. We were made by the wise Creator to succeed and exceed. We defy the great Architect of all, when we fail to use the tools of our mind and heart and tap the immense power concealed within us. Success is our birthright. Only a small percentage of people exercise this birthright during their lifetime. Psychologists and scientists tell us that the average person uses only a small percentage of his mind’s potential. Actually this percentage is around 3% to 10%. We have failed miserably to play the Columbus of our own true worth, our intrinsic skills and talents. Success is achieving our true potential. Everyone has some innate strength, some intrinsic worth. Success is recognizing these strengths and honing them to perfection. It comes from realizing that we did our best to become the best that we are capable of becoming.

Success comes to those who dare and do
Success is more a matter of pluck than luck. Many birds die in their cages thinking that the ceiling of the cage is the vast expanse of the deep blue sky. Only those who take risks can fly to the blue heaven of success and achievements. The future belongs to those daring adventurers who have the courage to try new things.

The height of your success can be measured on the basis of how high you bounce when you hit bottom. Success comes to those who dare and act, when daring and acting seem the height of stupidity. In his Nobel Prize speech Max Planck said: “Looking back… over the long and labyrinthine path which finally led to the discovery of the quantum theory I am vividly reminded of Goethe’s saying that men will always be making mistakes as long as they are striving after something.”

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