Building winning relationships

Life is a chain of relationships with its ups and downs. Needless to say, all of us wish to build winning relationships. They happen when you gain people’s confidence. Genuine relationships are built on mutual trust, loyalty and commitment. Today what will thrive is a win-win policy for everyone which replaces the traditional “us versus them”. While some people develop a capacity to build winning relationships, several others give in to their bad temper and to their tendency to be selfish and proud, thus messing up or even ruining the very relationships they cherish. The basic rule is that you get what you put into a relationship.

You need to cultivate a pleasing personality in order to build up good relationships. To have a pleasing personality you need to develop your talents and abilities and cultivate a positive self-image. You are blessed with a lot of potential that is obviously not meant to lie dormant within you; instead, they are meant to be developed into skills necessary for your success and your happiness, and for the benefit of society in general. When you develop your God-given talents and abilities you will be able to take note of the potentials in others and to acknowledge and appreciate the same. This will eventually help you build up a network of healthy relationships. But you need to be on your guard against the danger of being undisciplined, slothful and being content with the minimum. One of the reasons for this self-destructive way of life is the influence of unhealthy company. Hence the importance of choosing good friends in life, keeping in mind the maxim: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you what you are.”

Here are some hurdles to building good relationships. We live in a high-tech and fast-growing world. Consciously or unconsciously we are lured into a rat race which leads one to much selfishness, pride and arrogance. Anyone who is selfish and arrogant will fail to build up positive and healthy relationships. Another reason that plays spoilsport in our relationships today is the growing tendency to be gadget-crazy. Today everyone seems to be so much glued to their smart phones or other electronic devices and social media that they miss out on or even ignore the fun and intimacy that come with vibrant relationship with family and friends. If you are part of such negative ‘new-gen’ culture, it is time you realized that it is only genuine relationships that can make you happy in life.

You can be a winner in life only with a positive attitude towards life and determination to gain good friends.  Without good friends and sharing, you are doomed to loneliness and despair. All said and done, your self-worth and personality can often be measured in terms of your abilities and qualities fortified with generosity and a sense of humour that will help you gain you good friends. Remember, you are destined to win. Be a winner by building winning relationships!

John Gilbert, SSP
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John Gilbert, SSP

John Gilbert, SSP is the former Chief Editor of The Teenager Today, India's only TeenZine.