I can’t decide where to go for studies

I’m a Std X student and I’m thinking of going to Indore for further studies. I’m not new to Indore as my sisters also studied there but I can’t decide whether to go or not. Studies are also good in my city, but they are better in Indore. I have to consider on the one side my future and on the other my friends and family. I also don’t want to leave my beloved school. I’m so confused. Please help me.
Shruti (15)

Dear Shruti, the decision of going to Indore for further studies or to continue in your city, where “studies are also good”, cannot be taken by you alone, but also with the approval of your parents. They love you and will help you to take the best decision. Remember that what makes a good student is not only the quality of the school but also the hard work and concentration of the student. A good student will do well in any school. A lazy student will fail even in a very good school.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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