Cockroaches and toothpicks!

Spray can used on running cockroach

There are no cockroaches in Manhattan, where I’m living at the moment, at least they are not as visible or apparent as they are in my country, but, nearly every train, subway or metro, bus and even taxis carry a message about how the cockroach is lurking, waiting, behind sinks, between boards, and under sofas, just waiting to catch you unaware! All the ads talk about is being prepared with some spray, pesticide or other, and the people wait, spray in hand for that poor brown-winged fellow to appear and yet I say, there are no cockroaches I’ve seen!

I went to a mall yesterday and found toothpicks being sold, mentioning some disease or other you could get by not using a toothpick of the highest brand! Imagine even the simple piece of wood you shoved so gracelessly between your teeth had some who were waiting to tear your precious teeth apart!

And the public read the advertising, fall victim to the marketing strategies and buy them in thousands!

Fear is the key!

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