Competition Corner: October 2018

A. Current Affairs

Smitha Crishna

1. According to Forbes, who is the highest-paid Hollywood actor?

2. According to Forbes, who is the highest-paid Bollywood actor?

3. Name the eminent journalist and author who recently expired.

4. Name the Nobel laureate who recently passed away.

5. According to the Kotak Wealth 2018 list, who is India’s wealthiest woman?

Arpinder Singh in the triple jump

6. Who won the gold in triple jump at the 2018 Asian Games?

7. Who won the silver in badminton at the 2018 Asian Games?

B. General Knowledge

1. Which of the following gives the correct descending order by volume of the three basic layers of the Earth?
A. Core, mantle, crust
B. Crust, core, mantle
C. Core, crust, mantle
a. A
b. B
c. C
d. None of these

2. Soil profile refers to arrangement within a soil of…
a. its vertical layers
b. its inclined layers
c. its horizontal layers
d. group of soil grains

3. Formation of potholes in river beds is an example of…
a. hydration
b. erosion
c. corrosion
d. corrasion

4. Most of the weather phenomena take place in which of the following layers of the atmosphere?
a. Stratosphere
b. Mesosphere
c. Ionosphere
d. Trophosphere

5. Which of the following countries are favourably influenced by the trade winds?
a. West Indies and Florida
b. Malagasy and Brazil
c. East Coast of Mexico and Guyana
d. All of these

6. Which of the following statements is correct?
Relative humidity…
a. varies with latitudes seasonally
b. is maximum in subtropical anticyclones
c. is lowest at the equator increasing towards the poles.
d. None of these

7. Which of the following rivers have almost the same point of beginning?
a. Brahmaputra and Ganga
b. Tapti and Beas
c. Brahmaputra and Indus
d. Indus and Ganga

C. Logical Reasoning

1. Amber is related to Yellow colour in the same way as Carmine is related to:
a. Red colour
b. Green colour
c. Blue colour
d. Orange colour

2. Horse is related to Hoof in the same way as Eagle is related to:
a. Claw
b. Clutch
c. Leg
d. Foot

3. Dogs bark so also Goats:
a. Bleat
b. Crow
c. Grunt
d. Howl

4. Cuboid is related to Square in the same way as Square is related to:
a. Plane
b. Triangle
c. Line
d. Point

5. Much is related to Many in the same way as Measure is related to:
a. Count
b. Calculate
c. Measures
d. Weighs

D. One word substitutions

Two friends talking

Abnormally thin – Emaciated
To rise – Surge
Based on whim – Arbitrary
Blameworthy – Reprehensible
Range of authority – Jurisdiction
Person you tell your secrets to – Confidante

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