Competition Corner: September 2018

A. Current Affairs

1. Name the Tamil Nadu politician, the five-time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who passed away in August 2018.

2. Who won the recently-held World Badminton Championships 2018?

Umbayee, the ghazal king, performing

3. Who was the Ghazal King from the South who passed away in August 2018?

4. Name the new algorithm that predicts crime before it even happens.

5. Name the new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

6. What is the new name of West Bengal going to be?

7. Name the ex-Pune Film Institute director who recently passed away.

1. M. Karunanidhi, 2. Carolina Marin, 3. Umbayee, 4. The Ensemble Poisson Kalman Filter (ENPKF), 5. Imran Khan, 6. Bangla, 7. John Sankaramangalam

B. General Knowledge

1. Which World Heritage site in Karnataka translates to ‘place of coronation’?

2. Who discovered oxygen?

3. Which football team’s nickname is ‘Baggies’?

4. Choudhry Rahmat Ali coined which country’s name?

Germany footballer, Meszut Ozil

5. Which German football player recently announced his retirement from the national team?

6. Who wrote The Catcher In The Rye?

7. Who is the CEO of LinkedIn?

8. Who directed Casablanca?

Rand, currency of South Africa

9. What is the currency of South Africa?

10. What is the capital of Libya?

1. Pattadakal, 2. Joseph Priestley, 3. West Bromwich Albion, 4. Pakistan, 5. Mesut Ozil, 6. J. D. Salinger, 7. Jeff Weiner, 8. Michael Curtiz, 9. Rand, 10. Tripoli

C. Logic & Reasoning

Directions (for Q. 36 to Q. 40): Some friends are sitting on a bench. Sunil is setting next to Sunita and Sanjay is next to Bindu. Bindu is not sitting with Sumit. Sumit is on the left end of the bench and Sanjay is on the right side of Sunita and to the right side of Sumit. Sunil and Sanjoy are sitting together.
Based on the above seating arrangements, select the correct alternatives out of the five given in the following questions:

1. Sunil is sitting between __.
a. Sunita and Sanjay
b. Sunita and Bindu
c. Sanjay and Sumit
d. Bindu and Sanjay
e. Sumit and Bindu

a. Sunita and Sanjay

2. Who is sitting in the centre?
a. Sunil
b. Sanjay
c. Sunita
d. Bindu
e. Sumit

a. Sunil

3. Sanjay is sitting in between _.
a. Bindu and Sunita
b. Sunil and Sumit
c. Sunita and Bindu
d. Sunil and Bindu
e. Sumit and Bindu

d. Sunil and Bindu

4. Sumit is sitting on the __.
a. Second place from right
b. Second place from left
c. Extreme left
d. Extreme right
e. In the middle of all

c. Extreme left

5. Bindu is sitting on the __.
a. Extreme right side
b. Extreme left side
c. Second from left side
d. Third from left side
e. In the centre

a. Extreme right side

D. One word substitutions

Cartoon of lethargic boy

Prevailing, common – Prevalent
Lazy, indifferent – Lethargic
Supreme, foremost – Paramount
Antagonistic, angry – Hostile
Careless, negligent – Remiss

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