How to cope with stress during exams

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Student Ruchi Pujari says “Being prepared is the best way to beat tension.”

Exams are around the corner and so is the stress. To handle tension it is important to first understand what stress is. Do you know that stress is absolutely healthy and positive? Stress is a natural positive response that helps to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. According to psychiatrist and life coach Dr Nirmala Rao, “Stress releases adrenaline which goes to different parts of the body to bring about changes which are meant to trigger our fight or flight reaction. It is an instinctive reaction to put the body on alert in perceived danger situations for self-protection. Today the perceived danger has increased manifold not for preservation of the body, but for self-esteem, over-work, deadlines, traffic, increased materialism, etc. All these cause increase in the adrenalin levels which spikes up the blood pressure, heart rate and sugar levels. These changes are not utilized by the body and remain in circulation causing tension and stress.”

Stress during exams is therefore nature’s way of preparing you to face the challenge ahead. This is a healthy form of stress. You must know when stress ceases to be natural and when it becomes dangerous. Controlling and managing stress is extremely important. How can you manage stress and tension during exams?

Be prepared

It is said the secret of success is being prepared. That is almost 90 per cent of the job. Most stress occurs when you are not prepared for the job. You worry about how you will finish studying the subjects and this gives you tremendous tension. Studying on a regular basis and finishing your portion in advance will give little scope for worry and anxiety. When you are not prepared and anxious your confidence levels will be low. You can build your confidence by reading your subjects over and over again till they are no longer a source of tension and worry.

Get dressed

Do not study in your bedtime clothes. As soon as you wake up, get dressed. Even if you wear casual clothes it will do the trick. This will make you feel brighter and better equipped to work and study during the day.

Eat healthy

Have you noticed that during exams you tend to eat more? You feel eating helps to relieve stress. But there is a flip side to it. You need to eat good, healthy, nutritious food especially during exams. The food you eat will provide you with the necessary energy to study well and appear for your exams. Eating oily and unhealthy food will make you feel lethargic. Eat a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins to get the necessary energy your body needs. Do not skip meals. You need good energy levels to concentrate and focus better on your studies and exams.

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