Daring in denim

Girl wearing a denim jacket with t-shirt and jeans and carrying a backpack

Don’t we just love our denims? They are the most comfortable clothing to be in. At least for me they are. I simply love ‘em! The trend never dies and denims are probably the only kind of clothing that last for years on end. I still have a denim shirt that I bought six years ago and another one that I grew out of! Your denims don’t grow old; you grow out of them before that. Denim jeans, denim jackets, denim vests, denims shirts… the list of denim goes on!

We all need to own some denim essentials. Pairing denims is really easy and basic but sometimes we make mistakes. So I’m sharing with you a few ways to pair your denim essentials.

Girl wearing a knee-length denim skirt and t-shirt while walking down a street

Denim skirts

A denim skirt is the oldest skirt that comes with pockets, ALWAYS! These days you will find different kinds of denim skirts. My favourite is the good old body-con denim mini skirt. I also like the denim long skirts which are in trend right now.

TIP: Pair a denim skirt with a basic tee and add a plaid shirt to it. You can also wear a basic shirt with your denim skirt. Add a belt if you wear a tee and especially if you’re wearing a long skirt.

Guy wearing long denim shorts

Denim shorts

Even though I am not a fan of denim shorts, I can’t say that they don’t look good! There’s nothing wrong with owning a pair or two. Preferably go for high waist denim shorts. They look smarter and are more comfortable to carry off. Avoid hot shorts. A normal pair of shorts or a lightly longer pair would be better, otherwise you could find yourself in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction! Shorts normally tend to ride up and if you pick the shortest shorts, you are bound to find yourself in an uncomfortable position. The guys can just get a pair of nice long denim shorts. They look just so cool on men!

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