Dear best friend

Posted by:
Aashi Dixit (17)
St Patrick’s Junior College, Agra

Dear Best Friend,

I remember how we met when we were six. We both were just two strangers who felt lonely in a crowd. We looked at each other and smiled.

We turned thirteen; we shared everything — from our dreams to our fears, our crushes and the smallest things.

I knew this would last for a lifetime.

Then we turned seventeen, you started hanging out with the “cool kids”, your parents started worrying about you. You became that girl everyone talked about.

A year later, you became anorexic. You would lock yourself in your room and cry all night. You would wear long sleeved t-shirts to hide the scars you gave yourself. You became someone else; we lost touch.

Sometimes home is not a place but people, they say. And I am still waiting to get home, to you.

With love,

The girl you used to call your best friend