I am keen on the defensive or police fields

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 Q  I am a student of Std X. I am keen on the defensive or police fields but I don’t know much about how to pursue this or what course I should go for. How should I pursue it?
Vishakha Jaswani
St Patrick’s Vidya Bhawan, Jodhpur

 A  A career in the Indian Armed Forces is different from all other career options. It is not simply a job. Most people who join the armed forces do it because of a certain notion of patriotism and believe in the idea of the nation. Whether a soldier or a technical assistant or even a clerk or a tradesman or cartographer, most recruits join the armed forces out of this sense of patriotism.

The armed forces consist of the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy. There are two options for the service. Permanent Commission offers a career in the armed forces till you retire. Short Service Commission offers you the opportunity to join the armed forces for five years initially, which can be extended.

Here are different ways to enter the armed forces.
•    Through National Defence Academy (NDA)/ Naval Academy after 10+2 (only male candidates).
•    Through the Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE) after graduation.
•    Direct Entry through the Service Selection Boards (SSBs) for the Army and Navy and through the Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) for the Air Force.
•    University entry for engineering students.
•    Women’s Special Entry Scheme for women graduates/post-graduates in specified subjects on Short Service Commission.
•    Through NCC for graduates with 50 NCC ‘C’ certificate.

For details, visit the official website of the Indian army, air force and navy at armedforces.nic.in

To join the police force, you have to fulfil the conditions and standards laid down for the particular rank that you wish to join at.

At the state level you can join either as a constable and go up to Deputy Superintendent of Police or you can join at sub-inspector level and get promoted all the way up to Superintendent of Police, in charge of a district. To join as a constable you need to have at least passed high school. To join as a sub-inspector you need to be a graduate.

Constables and sub-inspectors have to take a written entrance test. If you pass you have to go for a physical test and then an interview. On clearing the interview, you are expected to undergo a medical check in order to determine whether you are physically fit to join the police. After these processes are complete, final selections are made.

At the central level, IPS officers are recruited and ranks begin as either an Additional/Assistant Superintendent or Superintendent of Police. To join as an IPS officer, one has to sit for the preliminary examination conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) for which eligibility is graduation.

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