I’m depressed and broken

I am very depressed, frustrated and broken. My mom and dad are divorced which makes me feel guilty. I have a younger brother who is a very big “complaint box”! He tells my mom everything about me and creates fights amongst us. I have become very bad in my studies and everybody in my school thinks I am a spoilt girl. I had a best friend of five years who started ignoring me and we broke our friendship. I fell in love twice, got cheated once and was unsuccessful the second time because I am not good looking. Because of all this I have been trying to commit suicide for the past one year but always got saved or stopped at the last moment. I cannot even tell my parents because my dad is not interested and my mom ignores me. I have no hope of living now; please guide me.
Amruta (14) / Pune

Dear Amruta, everything and everyone around you seems to be going the wrong way and you are getting more and more “depressed, frustrated and broken”. You even tried to commit suicide for the past one year. Living in a broken family is not easy. This is a very serious situation which you cannot handle alone. You could start sharing your problems with a school counsellor (if available), a good teacher, religious leader or close family member in order to find guidance and support.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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