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What’s the one thing that no one does not own? Jeans! They’re literally the one piece of clothing that everyone just has. Have nothing to wear? Jeans hai na! It’s that one unisex piece of clothing that you see every day. Literally everyone has jeans. That pair of your favourite unwashed jeans that you can’t stop wearing because it’s so comfy. That pair of jeans that’s your knight in shining armour. But is that the only jeans you should have? Nahhh… there are tons of different kinds of jeans and it’s important to know which one suits your body type. There are some styles that just suit almost any body type and pairing some of them can be a little tricky. Not all of us can pair bootcut jeans with ease and carry it with poise. So here’s a list of different types of jeans and the best way to pair them!

Young man and woman wearing skinny fit jeans

Skinny Fit

The most basic pair of jeans that many of us own. It’s a snug fit that makes your legs look slimmer and longer. It is super snug around the thigh, calf and the ankles, too. A skinny or super skinny fit is like a second skin. So, girls and guys, with short legs or those who are short, stick to skinny jeans! I don’t think I need to tell you how to style this one though. It’s the style where literally anything will work. Throw on anything and it will look great. Though I would recommend that girls never wear flats or flip-flops with skinny jeans! Girls look better with high waist skinny jeans, low waist just doesn’t cut it. And, guys, just go for a mid rise; low waist doesn’t look good on you.

Young woman wearing slim fit jeans

Slim Fit

No, it’s not the same as skinny fit. If you have really thin legs and the idea of skinny fit makes you uncomfortable, don’t you worry! Slim fit jeans are slightly loose. Not as snug around the thighs and ankles, they are a slim fit but much more comfortable. It’s a combination of fitted jeans and comfort. It makes your legs look a little thicker and gives shape to them. It’s a perfect pair for your daily wear, especially during the summers. Nobody wants a second skin in summers but a perfect mix of tight fit with comfort is your go-to jeans! It’s pretty much the same as skinny fit. Throw anything on and you’re good to go!

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