Eat your way through the rainbow

Every time you scrolled through a food blog or some colourful food posts on Instagram or Facebook, I’m sure you came across the phrase — ‘Eat the rainbow’, or bloggers advising you to try ‘The Colour Diet’, or ‘The 7-day Rainbow Diet’ or various quotes like ‘add a splash of colour to your meal’. I am sure you’ve wondered whether it’s another fad diet worth trying.

To put it simply, adding colour to your plate is adding fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. In today’s world, going vegetarian is in vogue. The Rainbow Diet is a vegetarian diet — with a difference, i.e., apart from the regular nutrient content the added splash is in the colour!

Adding colour to your plate is much more than making your plate look pretty.

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Sharleen Zacharia
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Sharleen Zacharia

Sharleen Zacharia is a trained Nutritionist with a Master’s degree in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics.