Embrace your inner gypsy

Fathima A. Kader

The holidays are a time for heat waves and endless adventures. The month of April bore witness to Earth Day, the international day to show support for the environment. Why not take inspiration from this day and embrace nature and all that it can offer by embracing your inner bohemian/gypsy? Girls ought to stock upon on skirts, ruffles, natural fabrics, head scarves, floppy hats, tousled hair and stackable accessories. The guys can pick and choose the extent to which they want to adopt this style, from looking stylishly frumpy and unkempt to being outright hippie, like, the choice is yours alone.

Flared pants, fringe bag and lace top


Warm colours
Focus on wearing warm earthy colours that range from white, off white, beige, brown, warm reds and greens when it comes to your outfits.

Mindful layers
Just because this style calls for layering and flowy silhouettes, does not mean that it should be overdone. Wear this look with the right amount of class by pairing flowy silhouettes with structured pieces.

Inspiration from times gone by
The current bohemian trends are the remainders from the 60’s and 70’s. Look to actresses from these eras like Zeenat Aman, Parveen Babi, and so on. Their ways of wearing round glasses, flared pants, fringed jackets, and flower garlands are the focal points of bohemian fashion even now.

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Messenger bag, tie-dye shirt, leather braceletsGUYS

Light wash denim
Forget all the rules you were taught about dark wash and slim fit when it comes to bohemian fashion. Wear the lightest of wash and the loosest of fits to keep up with the laidback appeal.

Artistic strokes and prints galore
Bohemian fashion is all about freedom, the freedom of the body, soul and mind. Nothing says freedom of mind like strokes of creativity. Wear your inner artist on yourself by adorning all the artsy prints you would like to wear.

Don’t shy away from paisley, floral, tie and dye shirts
Who said prints such as paisley, floral, tie and dye are just for women? The freedom you get from bohemian fashion is beautiful because it transcends any gender specific rules. So wear the loudest and girliest of prints with your unique styling and attitude and beat the ladies on their own turf.

Guys! Get more tips on how to adopt the Bohemian style by subscribing to the print magazine or the digital edition.

Fathima A. Kader
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