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“Play to your personal strengths” is what I always tell students who come to me for an answer to the eternal question whether academics matters more or extra-curriculars. The question is objectively almost impossible to solve as every admission and scholarship committee is different and their objectives of giving the scholarship are different. If academics is your strength then make that your key card and vice versa. There are certain skills that we acquire predominantly through academics like the ability to research, critical thinking, interpreting data, etc. But extra-curriculars, on the other hand, give you an opportunity to develop your soft skills like leadership, team skills, communication, etc. So probably maintaining a balance and working towards an all-round personality is what will benefit you the most in life as far as your long-term career planning goals are concerned. However let’s take a closer look at how extra-curriculars, especially sports, activities can hone your personality further and make you that much more unique.

Life Skills and Sports

When I say that “sports can really help build your character” I don’t really mean playing a sport in your neighbourhood without any routine, or attempt towards skill development or for that matter watching a game of soccer in the middle of the night! Watching a game passionately on TV (however big) is not really a symbol of your excellence. The true benefits of any activity, including sport, accrue when you try and push your talent to the limit and involve yourself in it as professionally as possible. So if you are interested in cricket make a local club, have a team, look for opportunities to compete, play with discipline, benchmark your growth, etc. Giving it your all whilst balancing your academics will help you pick up those essential life skills.

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