Eye-opening experiences

If travelling around the globe and learning more of what’s around you is your New Year resolution, then this list will make sense to you. This month, we skip the scenic spots and focus on the peculiar ones that’ll probably give you a lot to think about!

Ice hotel in Sweden
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Re-live the Ice Age

Ever wondered what the Ice Age must have been like? Until a time machine is possible, and you’re still not sure if you can test your survival skills in Antarctica, you have the other best option — the Icehotel in Sweden. It speaks and breathes ‘ice’ everywhere! Starting from the glasses you drink out of to the beds you sleep on, everything is made of ice. While you do get to use polar-tested sleeping bags to sleep on, there are no heating facilities, and expect the room temperature to be no less than -5ºC!

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Rama Ramesh

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