Fantastic parents from the animal kingdom

It’s not just our moms and dads who worry ceaselessly about us. There are many dedicated parents across fauna that are nothing short of amazing. This month let’s take a peek at the outstanding parental care shown by a wide range of creatures.

Illustration of a Giant Pacific Octopus
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

It’s a long sacrifice

The Giant Pacific Octopus is the biggest species in the world and a terror to thousands of marine creatures. When it comes to her own babies though, the octopus goes all mushy. A female lays a massive batch of 100,000 eggs and dedicates her life to tending them. She tenderly caresses the eggs to keep them clean and supply oxygen. The octopus is so occupied in this job that for six months until they hatch she doesn’t eat or do anything else. Amazed? A deep sea octopus was found to be guarding her eggs for four years and five months without eating anything during the entire time!

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