Fascinating bridges around the world

Rama Ramesh

Who’d have thought that something as mundane as bridges would get labels like ‘exciting’, ‘weird’ and ‘awesome’. This month we’ll see some bridges that are worth checking out for what they are!

Eshima Ohashi Bridge
Illustration: Rama Ramesh

Get set, go!

Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan reminds you of the kind of bridges you find only in whacky racing games like Grand Theft Auto. Imagine having to cross this bridge on your way to work in the morning! It’s sure to brighten up even the dullest of Mondays. Of course, perspective is everything, they say — look straight at the bridge and it looks so steep that you’d expect vehicles to tumble down with the slightest braking, but look at it sideways and it’s not so terrifying.

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Rama Ramesh
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Rama Ramesh

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