Flash Strike and a Dead Taxi Driver!

Silhouettes of people holding strike signs

At the Mumbai airport a few weeks ago, taxi drivers waiting outside went on a flash strike. They were angry and protesting. A taxi driver at the airport had had a heart attack and died. But why were they striking? Because for half an hour they had looked all over for an ambulance, while the man was still living, searched for a doctor, and finally the cab driver passed away.

As much as I sympathize with the bereaved family, and also with these drivers who lost a colleague, my question to them is, “What were you doing?”

Oh yes, you went on strike. Flash strike. Oh yes, you disrupted innocent passengers coming and going to the airport, and some must have missed their flights too, but sirs, “What were you doing?”

They have maybe a hundred or more taxis parked outside the airport and any one of them could have been used to rush the unconscious victim to a hospital close by and there are quite a few good hospitals in the vicinity, some of them hardly a kilometre away.

But what were they doing?

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