Flow with the Law of Acceptance!

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Turn wherever you will, nature is there. God our Creator has imprinted in the book of nature an eternal law of acceptance which gets clarified as you read this article. A non-accepting mind creates havoc within oneself and in others. Take time to understand the language of nature and flow with the law of acceptance.

1. Accept life as space does it

We imagine that space is somewhere up in the sky. The truth is space is everywhere, outside of you and inside of you. No matter what you do or where you go, there is no way you can get outside of space and shake it off from you. It sticks on to you all the time like an invisible live membrane. You may be asleep or awake; sit, walk or run; cycle, be in a car, a train or a plane; be in a boat or a ship, you are always enveloped by and in space.

You may try to destroy the space, abuse or pollute it; it keeps on accepting you always and in the same way. The space is not interested to know whether you belong to any religion, caste, creed or culture. It’s non-judgemental. Its approach and attitude is the same with anyone and everyone, women, men and children; animals, birds, fish, trees; all living and inanimate beings. The silent language of space is one of acceptance, eternal acceptance of you as you are. Without it, you and I drop dead. In very ancient times, sages called space, spirit. This invisible sack of space that carries us around all the time, keeps on reminding us that we are inside a cosmic womb, till death will take us beyond to divine space. That physical, ever-enveloping thin reality, space, presence, power or energy has an eternal message for you: “Flow with the law of acceptance”.

2. Accept life as air does it…

Air gives us a sense of movement which space doesn’t. It never stands still; follows us where-ever we go. If it doesn’t, you wouldn’t be there to read this, nor me to write this. Whatever be the situation you are in, the mood you are engulfed in, the behaviour you engage in, whether you pass on blessings of love or curses of hatred, air keeps on giving us the best; it has the oxygen of acceptance and keeps you alive. It is least interested to know if your nose and nostrils belong to any particular religion, cast, creed or culture. Its approach and attitude is the same if the one who breathes it in, is a woman, a man or a child, an elephant or a whale or a frog. You will be dead if it chooses to be absent from you for more than 15 minutes. The Creator of air and the nostrils, decided to keep your nostrils ever open, even while you are asleep. We want to be aware of that surrounding presence, power or energy like an ever-alive invisible oxygen cylinder kept as close as life can be, till the day we stop breathing. That physical thin, invisible reality, always moving towards you, into you and within you has an eternal message for you: “Flow with the law of acceptance”.

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