I made a friend on Facebook

I am a 15-year-old girl and I made a friend on Facebook. He is 14. We talked for the first time on Facebook. After some time he proposed to me and said that he would be satisfied with either being first friends and then a relationship or a direct relationship. I chose the second option because I thought that while our friendship continued, he might fall in love with someone else. I didn’t want to lose him but the next day when we interacted for the second time I messaged him and when he did not reply I thought he must be talking to another girl. I got jealous and expressed my anger to him but he took me in a wrong way and thought I had an attitude. But all my friends say that I don’t have an attitude, He is not talking to me anymore and wants to break up. He is not ready to listen to me. I love him so much. Please help me.
Simran (15) / Delhi

Dear Simran, your jealousy (“I expressed my anger to him”) and possessiveness (“he might fall in love with someone else”) and your decision to jump soon into a “direct relationship” with a boy who is just 14 has scared him and he has decided to put an end to this situation. Emotions are high during the early teen years and you should learn to be patient and kind. Respect for other people`s opinions and freedom is essential in building love relationships. It is better for you to stop making friends on Facebook and concentrate on building good, caring and respectful relationships with people who are close to you.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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