Funky fashions from the past

What’s fab today wasn’t always so a few centuries ago. Who would have thought that stuffing up your arms for a stouter look would have been a fashionable thing to do? This month, we look at ‘bombasting’ and other styles that were fads back then.

Cartoon of a man wearing a white wig
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Wig wear

It is believed that wigs became fashionable in society after King Louis XIV and Charles II of England decided to wear them. They wore it to hide their baldness but that didn’t stop other members of court from wearing wigs. The price of a wig ranged from 25 to 800 shillings. White-haired wigs were the most popular of all. Some elaborate wigs were up to four feet in height! Not surprisingly, wig-makers did brisk business and offered a host of services ranging from custom-designing to periodic cleaning, repair, powdering and scenting wigs.

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