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What’s new” is something that we think and say when we deal with our friends, plan our holidays, go shopping or eat out. So when we go out to watch a movie we look for a new storyline or new actors. When we plan on buying a mobile we want the latest model or whatever is new in the market. We are constantly seeking new experiences and when we use something new it does temporarily revive us and makes us feel happier till of course we get used to that and seek something afresh again. The new external or material things give us temporary happiness and a momentary mood lift which we all crave. Yet when it comes to our personal habits and personal way of doing things we all resist “the new” and choose to stay within our comfort zones. But if we really think about it the real new only comes when we resolve to make a change in our own lives.

Change and the workplace
But how can your personal ease of adapting to change impact your career you might wonder. The metamorphosis of one thing in the world has a domino effect on every life and every career. For example, demonetization of currency has just not impacted bankers and economists; it can potentially change the way business will be conducted in all domains. Similar changes were seen with the advent of personal computers, laptops, mobiles, etc. Technology is moving so fast that every few years, if not every year, there is a change that transforms how we work. The reality is even if we don’t consciously want to change ourselves the world around us is constantly changing. Thus we could either resist those changes or take it in our stride and embrace them.  A simple exercise of buying a mobile can demonstrate how many models are created every few months by each major player. The decision making is mind-boggling and yet we all want the variety.

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