Gadgets for the couch potato!

Popinator delivering popcorn to a person
llustration: © Rama Ramesh

This month we’ll look at a few gadgets that have been carefully thought out to cater to the needs of the ‘energy-challenged’. They’re so outrageously brilliant that you can probably even convince Mum to embrace sloth just to own some of these!

Ultimate popcorn experience
The best has been saved for last — an invention of such brilliance that it’ll bring tears of joy to all couch potatoes! Now you can have popcorn without the hassle of digging your hand into the bowl and stuffing popcorn into your mouth. Affectionately termed the ‘Popinator’, just say the word ‘POP’ to deliver one popcorn directly into your mouth. Of course, there’s the initial work of positioning the device in the right location and a bit of practice — but imagine all the work you’ll be saving afterwards!

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