Geniuses and their mad ways

They say extraordinary geniuses behave oddly. Here’s a look at some intellects with uncanny habits and thoughts that are as fascinating as they are unbelievable.

Buckminster Fuller writing in his diary
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Diary-writing obsession

Buckminster Fuller was an architect, inventor, designer and system theorist. He is most famous for creating the geodesic dome, a hemispherical structure capable of withstanding heavy loads. Fuller, however, had his quirks. In the 1960s and 70s when he travelled frequently to lecture at different locations of the world, he always wore three watches; one for his current time zone, the other for the location he’d visit and a third corresponding to his office’s time zone. He was also a meticulous diary writer. He was so particular about reporting his life in detail that from 1915 to 1983 his diary entries amounted to 270 feet (or 82 metres) of paper! Anybody who wishes to pore through this behemoth collection can find it at Stanford University.

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