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This ninth album from the pop diva shows a Christian connotation in the album title, but that is only so much Britney offers as her 17-track album is totally devoid of any religious surprises and dabbles mostly in R&B, hip-hop and pop. Aside from G-Eazy, there are no guest artistes, no attempts to malign anyone, no talk of boyfriends.

Known for her risqué lyrics since she came on the scene, her lyrics on this album have a lot to say about what she feels, and definitely do not make her a role model for anyone.

Tuning into the opener Invitation, she sings, “I know it might seem crazy, but I gonna put you in this blindfold, I just need you to trust me…” This trend continues on tracks like Make Me feat. G-Eazy with a catchy chorus line, and the hard-hitting beat of Private Show. This is followed by songs like Just Luv Me, the slightly reggae-infused and very infectious Slumber Party, Love Me Down, the latter that says it all with Britney pulling some rap on a few verses. What You Need is another out and out blast from the past of the once reigning pop goddess of the 90s. Britney’s only goal is to get down and have fun. And we are all invited.

If you want to take a break and know the real artiste she is, press play on Man On The Moon, a song that does away with all the drama and brings a taste of her earlier albums like Toxic. Do You Wanna Come Over with its dubious lyrics (“All I want is what you want/And all you want is me”), is an irresistible slice of dance-pop, with a great bassline and staccato acoustic guitar. You get the feeling that this is a bit of Justin Timberlake thrown in for good measure.

The Latin-infused Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) is a blaster which is part of the bonus tracks playlist. Britney gets a bit hard on Liara that is somewhat out of place, but enjoyable. The bubbly If I’m Dancing finds the former teen pop queen bring on a Brit accent with a song that makes you feel like dancing, though you might think of stopping midway! Britney’s vocals are still locked in the same prime condition we know her. She ends the album with the all-French Coupure Électrique (Blackout).

Glory breezes through under an hour, and by the sound of it this is Britney’s most daring, mature album in years. But she has done daring things in her life in the past. The album comes as no surprise then. Here she croons, talks and sings just like she once did. But in a naughtier way unlike before.

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1) The only guest artiste to feature on Glory is ______.
a. G-Eazy
b. Justin Timberlake

2) “All I want is what you want/And all you want is me…” are lyrics from this track.
a. Do You Wanna Come Over
b. Make Me
c. Man On The Moon

3) Britney ends the album with this all-French track.
a. Coupure Électrique
b. No Seas Cortés
c. Liara

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