He doesn’t love me

I am in Std IX. I love a guy who is in Std XII but he doesn’t love me. He loves someone else. At some point of time, I thought I would get over him but I can’t as I love him so very much and I meet him everyday face to face. I think he knows that I love him but he hasn’t talked about it to me ever. I love him very much. I have never told him about my feelings directly. What should I do? Should I express my feelings to him or not?
Swati / Delhi

Dear Swati, you meet every day face-to-face a guy you “love so much” but never had the courage to tell him about your feelings. You know that he “loves someone else” but cannot get over him. You think that he knows that you love him but he hasn’t talked about it to you. You are living a dream of love without any connection with reality. Awake from your dream and realize that love has to be borne from both sides and then only it will be experienced and shared. Respect his feelings and do not interfere with his love relationship with someone else.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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