10 healthy ways to control your appetite

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Dealing with weight loss or maintaining a desirable weight is not an easy affair. Losing weight requires your body to make do with less calories and smaller portions of food, but how do you deal with a rumbling stomach? A hunger pang or a certain food craving makes you reach out for all those oh-so-tempting snacks and it subconsciously turns into a pattern that has far-reaching consequences. What if you are told that you can cheat your way out of this and put a leash on your growling appetite? Here’s a list of some surprising hacks that help you suppress your raging hunger without sabotaging your diet plan.

Drink enough water

Gulping down a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal or during one of your food cravings can do wonders. Water is proven to be an appetite suppressant and it helps you to curb your cravings and give you a feeling of fullness. It’s a smart strategy that can be used as a part of the game plan.

Eat Fibre

Inculcate a lot of fibre in your diet. Fibre gives you a feeling of satiety and moves at a slow pace in your gut. It soaks up water in your stomach and expands to give you a feeling of fullness. Food with fibre, like your greens, require a lot of time and effort to chew which tricks your brain into thinking that you’ve had enough. Make maximum use of fruit and vegetables in your diet as they have bare minimum calories. Opt for a salad or a fruit to curb your snacking habits.

Chew on a gum

Pop a chewing gum the next time you need to tame your growling stomach. Popping gum mirrors the same action as of eating a food item like salivating, touch of a flavour and chewing that helps you suppress your hunger. It does not help you to lose weight but helps you to consume a lot less calories. Make sure you pick out on a sugar-free variant.

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