Going on a holiday? Reap the benefits!

Chandan Sharma recharges on his visit to Chandigadh and Manali.
Chandan Sharma recharges on his visit to Chandigadh and Manali.

Holidays offer a wealth of benefits that boost physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  They also improve relationships, work performance, productivity and spirituality. Just like machines, our brains and bodies also need refuelling and what better way to do so than going on a good holiday.

Holidays are like preventive medicine. Besides empirical benefits, there are several medical benefits too in going for a vacation. Research shows that holidays help you sleep better, reduce blood pressure, improve resilience, and make you feel better. Going to a sunny place helps you absorb more vitamin D and reap the benefits. Spending time near the sea will help you to inhale fresh, unpolluted air which is not easily available in the bustling over-crowded polluted cities.

Holidays not only improve physiological health but also enhance mental health. By going to a new place we break away from the monotony of our daily routine and make our brains think differently thus challenging and strengthening its power. People who go on holiday are less likely to become depressed, tense or tired. Holidays help you allow child in you to come out and enjoy life in a childlike, less complicated manner.

Holidays boost knowledge. The beautiful scenery and images of the vacation location are retained in our memory. The mind can visualize and draw upon these scenic and calm pictures when it wants to relax and take a break. Visualisation is a great way to boost mental prowess. Being away from our daily routine and comfort zone itself will boost our mental and physical energy, as we learn to do new things and also do things differently. Getting involved in various local fare and sports like hiking, swimming, water sports, bicycling, yoga, etc., we boost our skills and above all our self-confidence and sense of achievement. Student Chandan Sharma says, “I visited Chandigarh which has very scenic and beautiful places. They have exciting adventure sports, too. We learnt a lot about the local attractions like the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, the Hidimba temple, the local people and their lifestyles. Travelling boosts our knowledge and horizons.”

Nedra Moraes and her parents on a family holiday to Hong Kong

Family holidays strengthen the bond between family members by helping them to revamp, reconnect and revitalize relationships. Family members learn new skills, notice new thought processes, individual needs, stress areas, celebrate milestones, bond emotionally and strengthen their support system. Holidays also enhance interpersonal relationships. Despite the latest technology to connect with each other, families hardly have time to spend with each other physically. Actually meeting and connecting each other is a great stress-buster and helps members bond with each other. Teacher Nedra Moraes says, “We have visited 17 countries as a family till date. In 2015 we made a five-day trip to Hong Kong. We loved the big aquarium in Ocean Park and Disneyland. We also took a ride on the Peak Tram which offers the best view of the city. It was a learning experience and a great opportunity to bond and spend time exclusively with each other without the distractions and tensions of everyday life.”

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