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The summer holidays will soon be here and we know you have been waiting for them. After months of hard work, classes, books and tests, the fun time of the year has arrived and you should rejoice. After all, you truly deserve every bit of it. But I have a few ideas to share and this will add on to the fun of the holidays. I’ll help you add a creative touch to your vacation and explore options on things to do while you laze around in the sun. Whether it means exploring your artistic side, connecting with Mother Nature or simply making memories while travelling, we have it all covered here for you. So let’s begin.

Time to enhance your passion

When I was young, I was often asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I would always say, “Air hostess”. I would run to the kitchen and get a tray with food to enact being one. As I grew older, my dreams evolved and so did my ambitions. But one thing that did not change along the way was to experiment with what I think my passion is. I would want you to try out your passion. If you like to sing, pick up that microphone. If you like to dance, turn on the music. If you like to paint, the canvas is all yours. After all, the world is your oyster and you can think and be whatever you dream of. But if you want to begin, this is the perfect time since you are free to explore anything and everything.

Earn while you learn

I believe the most treasured memory for a person is how you save money when you are young or how your parents teach you the value of money with limited pocket-money every month. But there are many other ways to earn and guess what, you can learn a lot in the process.
Garage sale: Did you know that the biggest companies like Apple, Microsoft, Disney and even Google were founded in a garage? It just tells us a lot about how people start small and do exceptional work through their lives. All you need is some free space and an open mind to begin with.

Personalized mug

Consider getting about 5 to 7 friends on board for this and start a small garage sale with all the things that you can sell. From toys to old books, clothes, anything saleable is your product for the day. One of you can handle the finances, the other can handle the marketing of the idea and the rest can handle the merchandise. It will not only teach you handy tips on money management but it will be a fun way to learn the many aspects of business in a practical way. Who knows if the business tycoon of tomorrow is sitting right there with you?

Gifting solutions: If you like making personalized gifts, then this will work for you. From gift boxes to customized calendars or mugs, today people will pay for new and creative ideas. If you think you can do it, all you need to do is tell your family and friends about this venture and spread the word. It will be a great platform to begin with and you will put your passion to profession in no time as you grow older.

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