I am crazy about her

I am a 15-year-old boy. I like a girl who is 13. She is my neighbour and a very good friend of mine. I proposed to her, but she didn’t give me an answer. I think she likes me but is not able to give an answer. She comes to my house often to meet me and my brother. My parents also like her as her nature is good. I am crazy about her. How do I get to know about her feelings? I am not able to concentrate on my studies.

Dear James, you are enjoying a very good friendship with a neighbour girl who is just 13 years old and is sweet-tempered and good-looking. At this point in your life this is the best relationship you can have with her. If you run too fast with unwanted proposals of a deeper relationship she will get upset and confused about what you want. She is also a good friend of your parents and brother. Do not spoil this beautiful situation. Give her time to grow and mature because she is just 13 years old. Cool down your emotions and concentrate on your studies and family relationships. In future, both of you will mature physically and emotionally and will be able to decide what to do in your lives.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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