I am not interested in my father’s business

I am studying in Class 9. This year is my 10th and I am quite ready for it. But I don’t know what to do after that. My father is a businessman but I am not interested in his business. I am not able to decide my aim. Please help me.
Sahil Sundrani

Very few people are born knowing what career is right for them. So don’t worry, and focus on your studies; it is not necessary to define a specific career choice now. A level of interest in various subjects taught in school can certainly help you in choosing a suitable career. What are you excited about studying? What do you want to know more about? For example, if you enjoy Mathematics, explore careers that require mathematical skills. Then it is guaranteed that you will be at ease with any work where there is more use of mathematics. Never pick a subject you dislike only for the job possibilities. That is almost sure to be a disappointment to you in the long run. Remember, people tend to excel when they have a passion for their work.

Dr Vibha Gupta
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Dr Vibha Gupta

Dr Vibha Gupta is a Ph.D. in Mathematics from IIT Roorkee. A feature writer, her book Careers: A Pathfinder and articles in various publications attempt to guide students in choosing a career according to their natural strengths, talents and skills.