I am very short

My problem is that I am very short. My friends make fun of me. I will be appearing for my SSC board exams next March and I do not get enough time to do exercises. Besides I am also putting on weight. I am in a dilemma as I want to look beautiful because I am interested in modelling. Should I wait for my exams to get over to start my exercises or will it be too late?
Simone (15)

Dear Simone,

You’re feeling quite bothered about your height. Your busy study schedule; the lack of exercise, and the desire to become a model, and the time constraint is making you feel all the more hassled.

For a moment, chill! Could it be that you haven’t yet reached your full height? Are you getting adequate nutrition? Is it your family tendency to be short?

You can follow a few fashion tips to look slimmer and taller, such as wearing flowing A-line outfits, clothes — that have a vertical design; high waist jeans/trousers with crop tops in a solid colour, etc. You can also wear comfortable heels, with pointed toes. But hang in there… you can find your style quotient after your Class X exams!

Right now, early morning exercise — for at least 30 minutes — will not only help you keep slim and fit, but also boost your brainpower.

As for friends who make you feel ‘small’, it’s time to ‘cut them to size’ by moving on and finding others who will make you feel ‘equal’ and accept you for who and what you are. Happiness comes in small packages!

Nasreen Hashambhoy
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