I can’t get him out of my thoughts

I really like a guy in my class but unfortunately he likes someone else. After gathering courage for 6 months, I confessed it to him. He said that he appreciates my love for him and politely refused. We were good friends and he accepted to continue our friendship. But even now I can’t get him out of my thoughts and whenever he notices this he changes the topic. I am really confused. Please help me.
Apk (16) / Hyderabad

Dear Apk, you have to learn to respect other people’s feelings. You “really like a guy” in your class, and slowly, “after gathering courage for 6 months”, you confessed it to him. He politely told you that he “appreciates your love” but he likes someone else. If that is the truth, you have to respect his decision and be happy to continue a good friendship with him, as he has accepted to do. A love relationship is built on the mutual decision of two persons to enter into such commitment; no one can force oneself on another. Love is free.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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