I really want to be a film director

I’m in Class 11 and B.J.M.C. is the course which comes natural to me. But I really want to be a film director as well. Please advise as I’m confused regarding my career path.
Sonia Kapoor

Film direction involves a lot about creativity, knowledge and story-telling and a little about technicalities. To become a film director, you need to have skills like writing, research skills and visual storytelling. Working in any field related to filmmaking gives you great exposure to the movie world. From a screenwriter to a cameraman, start with any one job that you are interested in and then work your way up to filmmaking. Many of our successful directors have walked this path.

A career in direction is not an easy one. The field is full of struggles and hardships. Only those who have close relations or contacts have an easy access. For others, it’s pure grappling. Even after so much hard work and expertise that they put in, directors don’t get to be as famous as the actors.

On the other hand, the profession is truly a rewarding and satisfying one, for those who are crazily passionate about it. You get to make the stars dance to your tunes! You can inspire people and sow the seeds for a significant positive change in society. And if you are consistently determined, you will make crores.

With the presence of YouTube and websites like Voot, you have various platforms to showcase your talent. You can direct a short film and put it on YouTube or look for an opportunity to assist already existing television, YouTube or Voot directors. As of now, you can plan to join BJMC and along with this, try your hands at making short films.

Dr Vibha Gupta
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