I want to know about a career in oceanography

Oceanographers mapping the ocean floor

I want to know about a career in oceanography and how to go about it.
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Oceanography is a highly interesting area of study. Technically speaking, it is the scientific study of all aspects of the oceans, their boundaries and their continents. While the exact nature of work in this field varies with different specialized branches, oceanography, in general, is a research-oriented profession. It is a multi-disciplinary science.

Oceanographers study the seas, its coastline, estuaries, coastal waters, shelves and the ocean bed. Their work combines the scientific knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, geophysics, mathematics and engineering science.

A career in oceanography is bound to provide both challenge and opportunity to those with an intrinsic curiosity about the world around them. It provides a true sense of excitement in the discovery of the vast realm of the unknown which exists within our oceans.

You will need to complete graduation (B.Sc.) in the pure sciences before going for M.Sc. in oceanography. Duration of the courses is three years. This field requires highly-skilled people, so a Ph.D. is essential. Most of the Indian educational institutions that provide oceanography courses are located in the states bordering the coast.

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