I want to pursue my career in Business Management

I am a student of Class 9 and want to pursue my career in Business Management specifically from Harvard Business School. Please tell me about the qualifications and the process by which I can get admission.
Juhi / Agra

Harvard Business School (HBS) attracts the best and the brightest MBA applicants from across the world, basic qualification for which is graduation. It’s better to go for B.Tech. as a large number of Harvard students have a technical/engineering background. Then work for few years. The average work experience for Harvard MBA is over 4 years. Without experience, it will be very tough to get in. Then prepare well for GMAT. Harvard’s median GMAT score is 730. The selectivity rate for the Harvard MBA is 12%. So be prepared to work hard and remain focused as the path is long.

Dr Vibha Gupta
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