I want to study computer hardware and networking

I want to study Computer Hardware and Networking. Please list some good institutes that offer this course. What is the scope of this course?
Andrea (18) / Chennai

Computer Hardware is the combination of physical components or parts that make the computer system. Physical components include monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk drive, graphic card, RAM, motherboard, etc. Networking is the field of computer science that allows computers to exchange data or information. Data can be exchanged either using cable media or wireless media. The network devices are Router, Switch, Modem, Hub and Data card (Dongle). Network Interface Cards (NICs) are the most common type of hardware network on a network. Internet is the largest example of computer networking.

Due to heavy use of computers, laptops, mobiles, desktops and internet in private and government organizations, there are huge career opportunities in the field of computer hardware and networking.

Courses ranging from certificate level to master’s level are available in Computer Hardware and Networking. Eligibility is 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Diploma courses are offered by:

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