I’m in love with a girl who is older than me

I’m in love with a girl, 8 months older than me. I’m 16 years old. She told me that she is older than me only recently because she thought I would leave her if she had told me this earlier. I want to marry her when we grow up and she also wishes the same. My mother has no problem about the age difference but I don’t know about my father, and her family. She says her family is very stubborn. I don’t want to lose her. Please help.

Dear Chirag, at the tender age of 16 you are running too fast in thinking of getting married in the future with a girl who is 8 months older than you. Marriage is for mature adults who can take responsibility for their choices and actions. There is nothing you can do now except to be good friends; nothing more. When you are grown up, the difference of 8 months in her age compared to yours will not matter.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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