I’m ready to forget the past

I am unable to change myself despite a few trials. Every time I lose focus, fatigue dominates me and I go back to my usual self. I was the school topper for the last 4 years. But suddenly I got distracted, fell into bad company and now my grades aren’t even up to the mark of average. I am unable to regain my previous concentration and focus. I am ready to forget my past and start anew. I have already left the negative people, but it’s embarrassing to face others as well as my parents after such a downfall. I have accepted that setbacks are necessary, but it would be very helpful if you give some tips for motivation and sustained focus so that I don’t fall back again from reaching my goals.
Tina (17) / Gujarat

Dear Tina, you have acknowledged that you have made some mistakes in your life: you got easily distracted and fell into bad company. You are now unable to regain your previous concentration and your grades went down below average, therefore you feel embarrassed to face your parents after such a downfall. This is for you the time to forget the past and start anew. Remember that God brought you into this world through your parents so that you could make them happy and be a useful member of society. Because of weakness and poor motivation you have experienced the pain of setbacks. Be close to your parents and ask them to help you in focusing seriously on your family duties and studies; pray also to God to help you in becoming a good and useful member of society. Do not be discouraged and work hard to achieve your goals in life.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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