I’m in love with my dance teacher

Last year I went to a dance class and my dance teacher became my friend. I took his mobile number and after leaving the class I began talking to him. I know him very well and now I’ve fallen in love with him. I share all my secrets with him and he does, too. But when I told him that I love him he told me that I might get someone better than him and ignored me. After that I never told him so, thinking about our friendship. He is my best friend. What can I do?
Kriya (16)

Dear Kriya, I believe you went to a dance class because you wanted to learn to dance, but soon you forgot about dancing and rather concentrated on the dance teacher! From making him your “friend” you ended up falling “in love with him”. At the age of 16 you are not yet in control of your emotions and feelings and got infatuated with him. Fortunately, that man did not take you seriously and did not take advantage of you. The best thing you can do now is to leave the dance class in order to put an end to this hopeless situation. I am sure that your dance teacher will be happy if you do that.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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