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Practising wellness is critical because it provides us with the opportunity to remain healthy in different aspects of life (i.e., physical, spiritual, environmental, emotional, etc.). There lies creativity in approaching and maintaining our well-being since every individual is unique. Fully engaging in hobbies and activities can help create true contentment. Here are a few tips to effectively incorporate wellness into your everyday lives.

Mindful eating

I try to put away electronics, engage with others in conversation, and take a few moments to consciously think about where my food comes from. I feel a greater sense of appreciation for the food I eat when I think about how meticulously it was grown and packaged before coming into stores for purchase as well as the amount of effort this end-to-end process took.

Choosing healthy foods

Being aware of and selecting certain foods with specific beneficial ingredients can improve our physical and emotional health. For example, foods with higher levels of tryptophan are known to increase serotonin levels, thus boosting our mood.

Preparing food

The preparation of certain foods can also be great for one’s well-being, providing another opportunity to practise mindfulness. For me personally, making homemade chai from scratch is therapeutic. I truly enjoy the process of grinding the ginger and stirring the spices for a more flavourful tea. While I make the tea, I try to involve my senses by taking in the scents of the strong spices and ginger while watching the golden brown colour form.

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Connect with nature / Exercise

Connecting with nature is a great way to recharge, and serves as a great reminder of how all living beings are interconnected. This mutual support between all living beings allows me to feel a sense of belonging to a larger community. Doing yoga outside or even walking outside can help clear the mind to better focus on daily goals. Participating in group fitness can help build a fitness community while meeting others. Dancing and cycling, or even bootcamp classes are some great options.

Aligning with your purpose / finding inspiration

Writing and reciting affirmations promote a “can do” attitude. Creating a vision board with pictures that represent your dream life, and/or a list of quotes that speak to you are ways to keep motivating yourself. Additionally, listening to a motivational video or podcast every morning can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Gratitude journal next to a cup of coffee


Writing out a list of tasks accomplished during the day alongside a to-do list can set the tone for tomorrow. Creating a gratitude list can help form an empowered attitude and an abundance mindset. Journaling can provide clarity and structure to your thoughts, and bring awareness to where your mental energy goes. It can help you prioritize problems, lower stress, improve mood, maintain sharp memory, and track personal growth.


I avoid caffeine after around 5 p.m. and looking at electronics an hour before bed to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. I especially avoid looking at social media or any emails before bed and as soon as I wake up. Lavender is known to promote sleep, so applying lavender lotion can often help you get sound sleep. Make sure the room is dark to help you fall asleep faster.

Though the practice of wellness comes in many forms, it is important to understand that our well-being directly affects our thoughts, actions, and emotions. Maintaining one’s well-being helps reduce stress levels and risks of health issues, while forming meaningful relationships and ultimately a better quality of life.

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